daewon academy : "there is no one else i'd rather waste time with" (tiffany & sehun & luhan)
  • { // rp meme : 9/9 friendships }

the thing is, though, that both sehun and luhan were perfect in her eyes. she could never explain how thankful she is to have met the both of them and how incredible they were in her life. she knows she shouldnt be, but shes so dependent on the two of them she’s sure she wouldnt know who she was without them.

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asians-in-hogwarts : "i'll never leave you" (angela & kyungsoo)
  • { // rp meme : 8/9 friendships }

at first, he was just so precious that angela couldnt stay away. and then she got to know him, got to really know him and maybe it was the fact that they were opposites that made her stay. she loves him with all of her heart because she wants him to know that he is worth so much more than he knows. she just wants him to feel the happiness that she feels whenever their together. 

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thekpopgeneration : "i cannot thank you enough" (jaejoong & yunho)
  • { // rp meme : 7/9 friendships }

took him in when he had no one else would, was there for him through thick and thin and even helped him mend his heart when he was dumped (twice) by the two women he had ever opened up to. yunho puts up with jaejoongs shit and still loves him. if that isnt a friendship, a brothership, i dont know what is. 

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threeworlds : "the type of guy i'd like to get arrested with" (jay & jiyong)
  • { // rp meme : 6/9 friendships }

its funny to think these two as friends. at the start of it all, i’d like to think that they grew up together. shared aspirations and dreams of entering the industry. there was bound to be bad blood between them when gd debuted first but i think it wouldve spurred jay to work harder - something that was, in the end, a blessing in disguise. i think why they are such good friends is because all sense of a seniorship disappears. they treat each other as equals. i mean they yolo together, obviously, fuck shit up but at the end of it all jay likes gd because he sees a lot of himself in him. something like that. 

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thekpopgeneration : "last resort" (jiyong & myungsoo)
  • { // rp meme : 5/9 friendships }

jiyong didnt have many friends, his world basically revolved around fucking shit up and sohee. so having someone like myungsoo was weird as fuck. but he’ll forever be grateful for the other, if not for the fact that he stuck around but for the fact that he helped him get expelled - something he’ll never be able to give back to the ravenclaw. myungsoo was a last resort of sorts but he was one of the better decisions in jiyongs life.

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cabi island : "twin telepathy" (junhyung & tiffany)
  • { // rp meme : 4/9 friendships }

you’d never think these two would be friends, let alone bestfriends but the way that they were plotted and made it was kind of hard for them not to be. tiffany was the filler in all of junhyung’s voids; she was loud in a way that he wasnt, social in the way that he was, talkative in the way that they both shared. she always had his best interests at heart and if it werent for the fact that he was so hopelessly hung up over a past fling, i could see him falling for her. just.. you know. a little bit, haha. 

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myeonghwan city : "soulmates" (hara & suzy)
  • { // rp meme : 3/9 friendships }

at the end of the day, through everything that happens to her, hara will always look for suzy. idk what it is, but. hm. you know when you love someone so much that you just want to stay with them forever but in a completely platonic, non-romatic sense? that is suzy to hara. god, that sounds gay lol bye. 

they also bond over bubbltea bc of swag. yup. fatswag.

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thekpopgeneration : "brother in arms" (jay & bekah)
  • { // rp meme : 2/9 friendships }

its really hard to describe the kind of friendship that the two shared since neither rina or i were active enough to explore it. but at the end, they basically just depended on each other; that is true even if bekah wont say it to his face. jay really did like having her around, she kept him real, you know. 

also. asscake. yup.

thekpopgeneration : "blood brothers" (junhyung & doojoon)
  • { // rp meme : 1/9 friendships }

"no i am not gay for yoon doojoon but i sure as hell can’t imagine my life without him"

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lee jinki/onew (royal fate)
  • { // rp meme : 10/10 of your own characters }

the thing that i loved most about being onew was that no one knew i was onew and therefore it was like all the regular expectations were lifted and people talked to him as if it was him, instead of talking to me. made it all the more easier to play the personality, tbh.

onew was simple. he just liked being simple, he didnt really have anything that set him apart except for his incredibly intelligence, creative talent and how he always seemed to quote movies in conversations. he was cool like that. 

onew was indifferent to anything and that there is where i think most of his personality lies. he didnt let himself care about anything because caring leads to hurting and he would much rather avoid that, too. and so he was never too invested in anything at all and knew that things were to come to an end - so why value it, right? 

plus, he was like the first character that i played that didnt have an obvious love interest. thank fuck.